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© 2018 by Something Lyrical

Who we are and what we do......

"Highly highly highly recommend these guys!!!!
Absolutely amazing and magical.
You think you connect with a song between your partner and yourself but,
to have something written so personal to the 2 of you is out of this world!!!
These guys are beyond talented and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.
Incredible musicians and overall lovely men!!"  

We're Pete (on the right) and Tony (on the left). We met through our sons who were friends in Junior school. Little did we know when we used to stand next to each other in the playground and chat that a couple of years down the line we would be a songwriting partnership pursuing our dream and writing songs that are played all over the world.

We began just for fun, but after being invited onto a local radio show, we received such amazing feedback about our songs that we started to take our songwriting more seriously. We now write for artists in the US and also release songs ourselves.

We have a knack of being able to write to different genres and to incorporate subject matter we're given. It was because of this, that a Fan of ours asked us to write their first dance song.

It was such a hit on the day and they had such an emotional connection to their song, that we decided to offer this amazing service to other Wedding couples. We've also since written songs for Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, and for Mothers & Fathers Day.

Due to the time consuming and personal nature of what we do, we can only commit to writing three songs per month, so if your song is required at shorter notice, please contact us as soon as possible to see if we can fit you in. 


We will talk to you to glean all the detail we need to make the song personal and unique and then set about writing. You can even give us a few songs that we should allow ourselves to be influenced by in style.


We will demo your song to you in stages and tweak as we go. Once you’re happy with it, we will then record it professionally and produce it on a personalised CD.


We can also provide:


- additional CD’s that you can give as gifts

- additional CD's as Thank You cards or as Wedding Favours for your Wedding guests.

- Vinyl pressings

- Spotify and iTunes release of your song, so all your friends can listen to it.


If you’d like to know more about this most unusual gift, please call us on 01277 810 779 or complete the contact form.

Pete & Tony x

Amy & Billy x